About Štrba

Štrba village lies in the northern part of Slovakia, at the southern foothills of the High Tatras Mountains. With the location at an altitude of 829 meters above sea level Štrba ranks amongst the highest situated municipalities in Slovakia.

Founded in: 1280
Altitude: 829m
Population: 2 336 inhabitants

Štrba unfolds spectacular panoramic views of the High Tatras Mountains in the north and sights of peaks and dense forests of the Low Tatras on the south horizon.
The main European continental divide runs through the territory of Štrba, from where the waters of the Vah River flow to the Black Sea while the Poprad River waters to the Baltic Sea.
At present Štrba has together with its municipal parts (Tatranská Štrba and Štrbské Pleso) a population of 3,693 inhabitants. It is a bustling village where the modern way of life is linked with old traditions. Older women wearing traditional period costumes are still commonly seen in Štrba today. The original village wooden houses were gradually replaced by brick houses over time but what remained preserved are wooden barns standing in many backyards. The village leads a rich cultural and social life as evidenced by various cultural, social or sports events taking place here, activities of folk dance and musical-singing ensembles, local TV broadcasting and local newspapers etc.

Štrba focuses mainly on tourism. The village itself and its surroundings meet all conditions for the development within this industry. There is a wide range of accommodation facilities on offer, from luxury hotels, holiday apartments, boarding houses, chalets, to simple holiday rooms in private houses.

Štrba is well connected to the transport network and is easily accessible by the D1 motorway Bratislava-Kosice with an exit in Štrba and by the main railway line Bratislava-Žilina-Košice with a station in Tatranská Štrba and a stop in Štrba. A mountain rack railway line operates between Tatranská Štrba and Štrbské Pleso resort. The Poprad-Tatry International Airport is 15 km to the east along the D1. Public transport to neighbouring towns and villages is secured by local train and bus connections.

Štrba and its surroundings provide year round activities and interest for tourists, offering mountain hiking and biking trails in breathtaking scenery of this mountain area. In the winter visitors will find a well developed ski resort for both downhill and cross country skiing and other winter sports activities. There are aqua parks, historical sites and other tourist attractions to be enjoyed in nearby locations. The village of Štrba has got lots to offer and is prepared to welcome even the most demanding guests.

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