Chief Auditor

AdresaHlavná 188/67

Appointed into the office on 25th March 2013 for 6 years.

he chief auditor is an employee of the town hall and reports to the municipal council.

Subject to control activity are:
• town hall
• budgetary and contributory organizations established by the municipality
• legal entities in which the municipality has their shares
• persons who have been granted special-purpose grants, reimbursable or non-repayable financial assistance from the municipal budget.

The Chief auditor executes:
• control of income and expenditure budget and the management of municipal accounts and property,
• draws up expert opinions on the draft municipal budget and final accounts the municipality,
• submits an audit report directly to the municipal council at its next meeting,
• cooperates with relevant government authorities on dealing with the management of funds allocated to the municipality from the state budget or from the EU Structural Funds,
• participates in municipality council meetings with an advisory vote,
• submits annually an audit report to the municipal council, within 60 days after the end of the calendar year,
• handles complaints, if so govern by law no. 152/1998 Z.z.,
• submits a draft program of audit tasks to the municipal council every six months.

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