Tatranská Štrba

Founded in: 1880
Altitude: 900 m
Population: 965
Distance from the village Štrba: 4 km

The settlement of Tatranská Štrba was founded in the territory of the municipality of Štrba (and was known only by the name Štrba-station). The direct initiative for its founding was the construction of the main railway line and the Hochwald station in 1880 which was later renamed to Štrba (the station was a nice timber building which stood on the opposite side as today´s station and there was a bridge leading over the rail track). Today’s railway station was built in the 1930s.
Until 1969 tourists used bus services to get to Štrbské Pleso from Štrba and Tatranská Štrba. In 1969 with the forthcoming World Championships in Skiing a new mountain cog railway was constructed by a Swiss company.

Tatranská Štrba was originally built as a railway junction. The expansion of tourism however, required further building and development of services. In 1960 there was a territorial reorganisation and Tatranská Štrba became a part of the village Štrba (formerly was a part of the High Tatras municipality). The list of municipalities of 1 July 1960 for the first time states that the municipality of Štrba is made up of two parts, namely Štrba and the local borough of Tatranská Štrba.
Tatranská Štrba was initially built as a recreational hamlet. The major growth of this area came along with the World Ski Championship in 1970 when the cog railway line to Štrbské Pleso was restored, the new estate housing Lieskovec and an auto camp site were built. At present Tatranská Štrba is a modern part of the village with modern infrastructure and expanding housing development. Holiday chalet complex site Lieskovec – Pálenica is located in the immediate vicinity of Tatranská Štrba.

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